Attentive service through a team approach 

My team and I work with individuals who expect and deserve to be treated with kid gloves. Everyone on our team is familiar with you and your portfolio, so you are always able to reach someone who can respond quickly. We share a unified goal of ensuring you are the central focus of our business. Above all, our focus is on your satisfaction and success, which we achieve by putting your interests first at all times.

My commitment is to help you make smart investment decisions and coordinate your team of professional advisors. My assistant manages my administrative hub and ensures you always receive excellent service and a timely response to your needs. This approach has won us many strong and trusting relationships.


You may open brokerage accounts, do Foreign Exchange transactions and hold securities in the following currencies:





In addition, we also facilitate foreign currency transactions in any tradeable currencies (for example:  JAPANESE YEN (JPY), AUSSIE (AUD), SWISS FRANC (CHF), NEW ZEALAND DOLLAR (NZD), ETC.) To discuss further please contact Denny Matte at (514) 284-1460 or by clicking here.


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